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Guaranteed Savings on

Cloud Software

If you’re a single user, or small to mid-sized business, we guarantee that we can save you money on your monthly software spend.

It costs you nothing to use our service, and we’ll cut your software spend every month.

This is like free money!


Software Cost Management

for Teams

As your team grows so can your software spend, particularly if you are empowering your team with decision making rights.

Saaves lets you set some boundaries - which software must be bought - while also allowing your team to select the software they want to use.


Software Plan and

Platform Switching

Much Cloud software is becoming increasingly commoditized. Equally, times change and what worked for you initially might not be the best platform for you today.

Saaves supports easy software switching and makes it quick and easy for you to change platforms.

No more lock in!

Over 2000 teams use our technology to help tame their SaaS stack.

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Find out how we help you manage your software stack