The Sustainable SaaS Marketplace

A partnership with SaaS United is a long term, ongoing boost to your revenues and user LTV.


SaaS United is the SaaS marketplace which works for end users and SaaS platform creators alike over both the short and long term.

The platform was created as we wanted to help SaaS partners find new routes to market, and for SaaS users to build better SaaS stacks.

We all know you ‘get what you pay for’. SaaS United helps end-users put together a more cost-effective SaaS stack, but one which can be sustained for the long term, working for both sides of the deal: Vendor and user alike.

SaaS United delivers more Lifetime Value

More revenue each month

SaaS United helps SaaS platform owners get more revenue per user, per month.

Revenues for longer

SaaS United also helps extend the average lifetime of a SaaS platform user’s account.


Benefits for SaaS Partners

Increase LTV

Add an additional reason for users to keep using your service, with SaaS United. Get additional income per user, every month.

Get New Customers

Add an additional reason for users to buy your service in the first place! Your product, available for SaaS United credits.

Regain Lost Customers

Join expired customers to SaaS United as a further tool to win back any churned user. This is a limited deal for 3 months to help them re-convert.

A New Revenue Stream

Get an additional, recurring revenue stream from your SaaS United commissions. SaaS United cannot cannibalise your existing users.

You set the Price!

Unlike other platforms, it’s entirely up to you what you want to charge on SaaS United. SaaS United uses your existing plans.

Fair Revenue Splits

Our revenue splits are fair and transparent.


A rapidly growing network of SaaS partners

We are adding additional SaaS partners every week to boost the relevance of our platform to your prospective audience, and to deliver more value for our SaaS partners.


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Get New Customers

The main purpose of SaaS United is to get your SaaS business more new, monthly paying users.

We work hard to drive more, well qualified and relevant users to your paid plans.

Get more from Existing Customers

SaaS United gives you more value from your customers: They only get access to SaaS United because they are your customer.

This gives you another retention tool, and commission if they transact in SaaS United.