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Saaves delivers new users for your SaaS software

Our platform is unique for users, and for SaaS software vendors. Whenever a user buys SaaS software, hopefully it’s the right platform for them, at that time. Things change however: Software advances and a user’s business changes.

We have a unique insight into that. We work with both our users and SaaS software platforms who want to grow to ensure that there is a perfect match between what a user requires from a piece of software and the software they select.

We can match new users with your software.


How it works

We can deliver you the most suitable new users

  • Let us know how many new users you want, and how much you can justify paying. If a user leaves you within three months, we will replace them with another new user for free.
  • We will discuss with you what a ‘perfect user’ for your software looks like. We will then craft messaging which targets the most relevant of our user base.
  • In some cases, we will pre-propagate an account with your software for a user, so they can conduct a frictionless, realistic trial.

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How we work together?

Our goal is to give our users frictionless freedom to use the most suitable software for their circumstances. As a flip side, it also means providing you, as a SaaS company, the perfect user.

Get more SaaS customers NOW

We work closely with our favourite SaaS partners, and the process typically goes like this:

We have an initial introductory call to establish how many users you want, and who they are (who, what, where, etc).

We then keep in touch weekly to discuss opportunities we have with users, and also learn what information you have to share with prospects.

Throughout this process, our aim is perfect alignment between your offering and the users we are delivering for you. Everyone wins!

White Label Partnerships

In some software categories, we work with partners to deliver white-label ‘own brand’ products.

If you have a super-solid offering in a specific vertical and would be interested in white-labelling a version of it - you would still ‘own’ the users - we’d love to discuss it.


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