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Full cost control

(with empowerment)

Today, employees have been spoilt for software at home: Facebook, Dropbox and more. All are fantastic to use. Thankfully, B2B software is now on par.

However, in the same way that employees preferred to use their own iPhones over company supplied BlackBerries, employees love to use the software that ticks the right boxes.

With SaaS United, you can provide your team with full autonomy over what software they want to use, while ensuring that the software they *have* to use, is mandated within that environment.

Each employee gets credits to spend on the software they need to do their job.


Mandatory Software

Specify the tools that your team have to use within their monthly software allowance, and credits are allocated accordingly...

Discretionary Spend

...and give them discretion over the remainder of their budget to use the software which makes them the most productive.

Top Software

Find out how we help you manage your software stack